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Who are we ?

A press group with a new twist, AlfaMega brings

together a team of journalists driven by
one same commitment to deliver compelling and actionable content in complete
independence, aimed at a high quality audience of leaders and decision makers. That’s our focus and our trademark.

What do we offer?

Our purpose is to give our viewers everything they need to make their own judgement, based on facts, opinions and testimonies drawn from the best sources. Free from any
pressure or authority, G-Hy TV is true to the spirit of

our founder Pierre Mercier, an early podcast precursors since 1986, to provide information that can be watched or
listened to anytime, anywhere on any type of medium. This is the ultimate expression of the freedom to inform oneself.

Why G-Hy TV?

Because hydrogen is the most promising green alternative to enable and accelerate the energy transition. Because decision makers in the hydrogen industry are still in need of a
dedicated, high level source of targeted information on the sector. Because the hydrogen industry needs a platform where ideas can be expressed, shared and challenged among technology leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and regulators, for all to see. Because in a fast moving economic and technology environment, every party needs the networking opportunities G-Hy TV can offer.

What does G-Hy TV mean?

G stands for Generation and Hy stand for…

Hydrogen! Although all our broadcasts are in
live condition, they can be watched on demand.

We remain true to our podcast roots…

Our latest broadcasts & interviews





Our editor-in-chief and presenter, Laurent Meillaud, was on Sud Radio to discuss the launch of our website. He also participated in a debate on the topic "Can hydrogen become the energy of the future?"

G-Hy TV sur Sud Radio
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Our journalists

Laurence Péraud

Laurence Péraud

Laurent Meillaud

Laurent Meillaud

Lionel Rosso
Edward Lichtner

Lionel Rosso

Edward Lichtner

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