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Hopium: Focus on Fuel Cell Technology

The startup, originally aiming to release a hydrogen-powered car in 2025, is currently undergoing judicial restructuring. It is relying on its fuel cell technology to navigate through its current challenges. Thanks to its engineers, Hopium's fuel cell demonstrates performance that could attract stakeholders in mobility, particularly in heavy-duty transportation. The company's CEO, Sylvain Laurent, discusses potential partners. Will Hopium find salvation in the Middle East?

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The French brand NamX is abandoning the fuel cell in favor of a hydrogen-powered V8 engine.


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We met him during the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels last November. Raphaël Tilot discusses European subsidies for the deployment of electrolyzers, as well as the international context with competition from the United States. The CEO of John Cockerill Hydrogen also talks about green hydrogen and the potential of alkaline electrolysis technology, which is not a thing of the past and is set to improve its efficiency.


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